Electrical-Civil-Mechanical-Sustainable-Energy-EngineeringLooking to hire engineers for your project? Outsource to us.

Our team of engineers specialize in supervising projects in various aspects. Let us help.

Ozbiz Total understands the importance of engineering services cost control and the need for having engineering work done at a lower cost.  Accounting for significant percentage of major project costs, we know how important it is to obtain accurate engineering service calculations from the start.

Ozbiz Total offers advanced mechanical engineering and design services to customers across various industries, helping them develop sophisticated mechanical designs and products while significantly reduce cost. Our mechanical engineering and design services help you come up with top quality product designs and services throughout the product development stages, such as – conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design and CAD modeling.

We can provide a full range of engineering services which includes:

  • mechanical
  • civil
  • electrical
  • environmental sustainable design

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